Hype Hop Radio: What is a CTO?

Welcome to the Tech minute on Hype Hop Radio. I’m Barbara Bickham. Please go to my website, www.trailyn.com. You can ask me anything about advanced tech there and it will appear on a future Tech minute.

I’m the Chief Technology Officer of Trailyn Ventures. Trailyn Ventures is a blockchain advisory company.

So what is the Chief Technology Officer you may ask? Well, we are three things. One we are a Chief. We are at the same level as the CEO, CFO, CMO, CSO, and CDO; so we’re highly, highly strategic in the company.

The second thing is we are the technology. We help architect and design systems, IP protection; hire and manage people; resourcing; strategic partners; integrations, and budgets. So that is the T part.

O, we are an officer of the company. So we have fiduciary duty, we can meet with boards, we may have to meet with investors and we go out to evangelize and support the company. So that’s the essence of what a Chief Technology Officer is.

This is Hype Hop radio. This is the Tech minute. I want to thank you so much for listening.

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