Top 4 Curated Venture Capital Weekly Update

March 30, 2022 💰

🗒️ How to find the business value in AI and ML


Venturebeat: There’s no doubt that, when applied effectively, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have proven potential to deliver significant value and cutting-edge technological innovation.

But many organizations are struggling with the “effectively” part, according to a new survey.

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🗒️ Gumi Cryptos Capital launches $110M fund to invest in blockchain startups

Gumi Cryptos Capital has raised $110 million for its second fund.

Venturebeat: Gumi Cryptos Capital has raised its second fund, an dit’s going to invest its $110 million in capital into early-stage blockchain startups.

The original Gumi Cryptos Capital fund started in 2018 grew its value from $21 million to $516 million in asset value, or a 24.6 times return on capital employed (ROCE). That puts the first fund’s performance in the top 1% of all venture capita funds, according to AngelList. In addition, companies in the gCC Fund I portfolio have themselves raised more than $1bn since January 2020 to fuel growth.

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🗒️ ‘Empower the Change’ Growth Fund Aims to Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Businesswire: Venture Capital Firm, Small Business Lender, Impact Investor Advantage Capital Teams Up with NMSDC Business Consortium Fund to Introduce, Unveil the Empower the Change Fund

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🗒️ Blockchain firms boosted by wave of venture capital funding

Illustration by Ivy Liu

City AM:  Venture capital funding has been pouring into the blockchain industry in 2022 through a flurry of high value deals, fresh data has revealed.

Blockchain companies attracted a staggering $23.8bn of venture capital funding in 2021 and have already raised $5.6bn (£4.2bn) in the first two months of 2022 putting the industry on track for a record year according to Pitchbook data.

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