Top 4 Curated Venture Capital Weekly Update: Mar 9, 2022 💰

🗒️ How Emerging Managers Can Stand Out In 2022


Crunchbase: Last year showed an abundance of interest in emerging managers. In a recent survey of more than 50 institutional investors, 62 percent responded that the risk and return profile for EMs is attractive relative to established firms.

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🗒️ Bain Capital Ventures launches $560M fund as investment in crypto space soars


Insider Intelligence: Startup investment firm ​​Bain Capital Ventures launched a $560 million fund focused exclusively on crypto projects, per Bloomberg.

The long-term-oriented fund will invest in around 30 undisclosed crypto-related companies over several years.

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🗒️ Ford Foundation, Visa Foundation, and Fairview Capital Join Forces to Invest In Diverse Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms

Photo by Sean Pollock on Unsplash

Business Wire: The Ford Foundation, Visa Foundation, and Fairview Capital today announced a partnership and expanded financial commitment to the Fairview Foundations Emerging Managers Fund which invests in funds and direct co-investments backed by diverse and women-owned venture capital and private equity firms.

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🗒️ Why the CEO of Aha! rejected the venture capital model and thinks more founders should do the same

Fortune:  Investment inquiries come frequently for Brian de Haaff. Venture capitalists, private equity firms, family offices—you name it. “I get notes daily,” he tells me.

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