Top 4 Curated Venture Capital Weekly Update: Jan 12, 2022

🗒️ The cryptocurrency industry saw $25.1 billion in investments from venture funding - Nairametrics


The cryptocurrency space saw a lot of interest from asset managers and venture capital organizations in 2021, which translated to a significant amount of investment made in the space during the year 2021.

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🗒️ Venture Capital, Lies, and Theranos


Cody Shirk details the Theranos and WeWork stories, underscoring the critical importance of due diligence when investing in venture capital.

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Climate entrepreneurs

Apply today for Evergreen Climate Innovations' award opportunities specifically for women, Black, Indigenous, and/ or People of Color entrepreneurs. Learn more and apply today below.

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Exceptional Life Conference (Hybrid)

January 13th 2022 10 am - 2 pm

Business casual or cocktail attire

$99 - $149 Non-Members
$45 for ASH Culebras

Free to all other ASH members but ONLY with RSVP by clicking below

Occupancy is limited and many tickets were pre-sold, so make your purchase below.

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