I transform my actions by transforming my mind

I have authority over my thoughts. I carefully choose which thoughts can stay and which must leave my mind. Constantly, I filter my mind because my thoughts soon become my actions.

I seek the positive qualities in other people because I believe good can be found in everyone. When I meet someone new, I am able to find common interests and I confidently speak to others free from fear.

When I remove fear from my mind, I am free to take risks. Freedom of the mind allows me to experience life in a new dimension. When fear tries to paralyze me, I pause. This allows me to feel the calming effects of inner peace. Thoughts of past successes flow through my mind like a river, which reminds me of the potential stored within me.

If I find myself indulging in self-pity, I immediately reject those thoughts and launch into action. Counting my blessings is the best way to focus on what is good in my life.

Instead of complaining about the tasks I must complete, I choose to be thankful for my ability to complete them. When I change my point of view and look at my responsibilities as blessings, I enjoy myself.

Today, I chose to think positively in order to act productively. I understand that my thoughts have the power to help move me forward. In everything I do, I seek to think positively because a healthy mind leads to a satisfying life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I change my point of view?
  2. What situation in my life can I see a blessing instead of a chore?
  3. Do I seek the good in others


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