I learn something new every day

Life is full of lessons for me. As I open my eyes each morning, I anxiously anticipate the opportunity to increase my knowledge. I look forward to learning something new every day.

When I spend the time to learn how to do something totally new to me, I feel inspired to continue learning. I feel my wisdom increase when I expand my horizons with knowledge of new activities.

Learning to play a new sport makes me beneficial at my kids' sporting events. I am happy when I can play an active part in their lives because it gives me more of an opportunity to bond with them.

In my work environment, I use every opportunity to learn new responsibilities. I know that having the extra knowledge can equip me with the tools needed to get a promotion. I actively ask others to teach me, instead of waiting around for knowledge to come to me.

In my self-reflection, I assess my traits and try to learn something new about myself. When I spend time looking within, I become more conscious of my being and more in control of my actions. I learn about my strengths and weaknesses and use that knowledge to experience greater success in my endeavors.

Today, I am happy that I have the chance to learn something new every day. My wisdom increases with the knowledge I gain from every new circumstance.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Am I willing to share knowledge with others so they can also feel accomplished?
  2. Do I use what I learn to improve my situation or the situation of others around me?
  3. Am I sometimes disappointed by the new things I learn? How can I make something positive come from these experiences?


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