I enjoy simple pleasures

I enjoy seeing the tiny blessings that show up each and every day. I delight in the many blessings of life.

Just seeing the light coax the leaves in the trees into a dance with the breeze brings me joy. Listening to the squirrels as they chatter and bark makes me giggle.

I am in bliss with the flow of life.

I notice these tiny things and give great thanks. I am grateful that I live such a rich life.

I love seeing the dandelion push its way through the cracks in the sidewalk. I learn perseverance from the dandelion.

I learn to go with the flow as I watch the bees suck the nectar out of the flowers. I learn to balance play with preparedness from the squirrels.

I listen to the songs of the birds and know that all is well in my world.

As I encounter the world of nature, I learn everything I need to know to be happy. I sit with my coffee and watch the grass grow. I feel the pleasure of relaxation calm my body and mind.

I take the time to drink tea. I take my time and learn how to set my intentions with ease and grace.

I learn that everything I do can be done with such ease and grace.

Today, I feel blessed to have found the simple pleasures of life. I feel happy and fulfilled.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I slow down and enjoy each moment more?
  2. How can I get more into the ease and grace of life?
  3. What simple pleasures can I add to my day to bring more enjoyment to my life?
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