Creativity flows from me

One of my positive traits I particularly enjoy is creativity. My creativity helps me out when I need solutions and makes my life more exciting, interesting, and fulfilling.

My creativity shows in a variety of situations. It comes out when I am problem-solving at home or at work. My family members also see my creativity when I am taking part in activities I enjoy in my spare time.

Co-workers comment on the unusual ways I contribute to group work projects. Many of my work associates look to me for issues that require unorthodox solutions.

I am most relaxed when I am creating something just because I want to.

Whether it’s focusing on a project for work, doing something fun in the garage, or simply taking some time to sketch or paint, I find that my creativity is always there for me. It is never-ending.

Sometimes, I have so many ideas that I must grab a pen and quickly write them down!

I have a quiet sense of confidence in my creative abilities. I trust my judgment when it comes to creating something that people enjoy. My creativity is worthy of my time, effort, and praise.

Today, I plan to set aside time to do nothing but think creatively. With pen in hand, I can jot down the creative solutions, ideas, and artistic gems that come from within me. I am very pleased with my creativity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How comfortable am I with my level of creativity?
  2. Am I able to identify when my creativity is at work?
  3. How can I cultivate my creative senses?

Increasing your creativity can bring you a whole new world of options to brighten your life.

Try these strategies to amplify your creative powers:

 Remember the reasons why you want to be creative
 Make the decision to be more creative
 Brainstorm new ideas
 Ask “what if?”
 Think outside the box. There's always more than one way of doing things.
 Think like a child. How would a child see the situation differently?
 Be confident in your abilities
 Explore your artistic side. Draw, write, sculpt, or sing.
 Change your environment. Try a different setting to reflect on a project.
 Stay curious. Ask questions about everything.
 Study your subject and then study other people who are successful in that realm
 Take small steps and notice the details
 Explore. Try new things. Step out of your comfort zone. Experiment.
 Steer clear of judging yourself or your ideas
 Keep a journal. Some great ideas may come to you as you reflect on your day.
 Listen to music
 Stay away from distractions
 Make new definitions, erase stereotypes, and choose to see things differently
 Relax. Once you're refreshed, new ideas will come more easily.
 See a project or task from a different perspective
 Create a mind map to visually represent the relationships between various ideas
 Ask for help
 Give yourself enough time to be creative on a project
 Visualize yourself succeeding
 Believe in yourself


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