Hype Hop Radio - Black Friday

Welcome to Hype Hop Radio. This is Barbara Bickham, and this is your Tech minute. If you go to my website, www.barbarabickham.com, and join our discord group. Any questions that you ask may be featured on a future Tech Minute.

Today. I’m here to discuss Black Friday. What is the hot tech item that you should be purchasing? Two years ago Black Friday. Alexa was the hot gift. Last year, Black Friday. Alexa was the hot gift. This year, Black Friday. If you can find one.

The hot gift will be a blockchain phone. Yes. Samsung and LG have both been building their phones on top of blockchains. If you can find that phone, that’s what you should be getting for Black Friday.Otherwise if you don’t have an Alexa or a Google Home then that’s a good Black Friday Gift. Alexa now has screens and you can watch her and so does Google home.

This has been your Tech minute. I am Barbara Bickham, and this is Hype Hop Radio.

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