The Blockchain Accelerator for Global Growth Spring 2019 Applications Now Open

Los Angeles, CA. February 19, 2019: The Blockchain Accelerator for Global Growth, one of the accelerator programs of the International Business Accelerator in collaboration with Trailyn Ventures, LLC, a Blockchain Advisory Company, is now accepting applications for the Spring 2019 Accelerator Cohort. The 12-week program will start on March 20, 2019, at USC in Los Angeles, CA and on March 22, 2019, at 8to8, in Menlo Park, CA. The Menlo Park, CA location will a livestream from the secure conferencing facility creating a Virtual Option for participants. Women entrepreneurs, minority startups, and founders over forty highly encouraged to apply. We accept companies from all over the world. At the end of the program, these startups will be able to demo/pitch their products or services to a group of potential investors, executives, and industry experts.  

The Blockchain Accelerator for Global Growth is building a global ecosystem so the blockchain companies can become fundable, scale their user base, procure partnerships and have a global reach. During the cohort, the companies learn about becoming fundable with our Due Diligence Intensive. Furthermore, the cohort learns about Global taxation, company formation, accounting, cultural differences, blockchain selection, and funding opportunities.

The Labz started by Farah Allen is a success story out of The Blockchain Accelerator. The Labz is a collaborative workspace that provides automated tracking, rights management and protection of your digital assets during and after you create. The Blockchain Accelerator workshops helped The Labs with their data room, pitch deck, Blockchain selection, and beyond. The Labz was accepted into Quake Capital’s Los Angeles Spring program which included a $200K cash infusion.


  • Due Diligence Intensive to prepare companies for funding readiness

  • Resources Available to Companies as Exporters and Entrepreneurs

  • Cross-Cultural Readiness

  • Global Tax, Accounting, and Company Formation Sessions

  • Global PR and Marketing Sessions

  • Blockchain Centric

  • Evening Sessions at USC in Los Angeles, CA or in Menlo Park, CA.  

  • Menlo Park, CA livestream from the secure conferencing facility so that companies can participate from all over the world.

“We are excited to have our second cohort starting after our successful Demo Day at USC. Our companies that graduated have gained clients and funding prior to our demo day.  We are looking forward to working with more companies worldwide”, states Barbara Bickham, Chief of the Block, the Blockchain Accelerator.

Applications close on Friday, March 8th, 2019.  Apply at or  Gust: or F6S:

The Blockchain Accelerator for Global Growth:

The Blockchain Accelerator for Global Growth provides the Due Diligence Intensive to prepare companies for funding readiness and prepares companies to grow and scale internationally. As a part of the International Business Accelerator, a network of business accelerators, catapulting companies into global markets, we offer unparalleled acceleration programs, sessions, workshops, and advisory services. Approximately 60% of previous IBA companies have women founders and 50% are minority owned.

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